GHM Consultores serves companies and civil engineering projects, especially in geological engineering, hydrology and hydrogeology. We propose technical solutions to the interaction between the natural environment and the constant development of today's society. Our proven experience has allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in such a competitive sector, always offering the most appropriate solution to our customers.


The objective of GHM Consultores is to take advantage of the experience accumulated by its technicians to focus and solve each new project and apply the latest technological advances, providing the most appropriate solutions, always with the efficiency and economic competitiveness required by the client. These characteristics allow addressing different issues from a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental field, which favors communication and the solution of different technical challenges. To achieve this, it combines the experience accumulated in different technical and specialized areas.


GHM Consultores works in the following technical areas related to Earth sciences, such as: geotechnics, hydrogeology and the environment. Its professionals develop the projects from their initial approach to the final result, through their realization in planning and execution of field campaigns, resolution of problems on the ground, interpretation of data, writing and issuance of results in the technical office.

The business and geographical area of development of our work is constantly growing, with full geographic availability, both nationally and internationally. The satisfaction of our customers increases and is reaffirmed thanks to the professionalism in our work, a quality that characterizes us. Our premise is to get involved with the client and their objectives, assuming them as their own. The company has established itself in the market thanks to the professionalism of its technicians, the quality of its work and the constant improvement of the work protocols, having implemented the ISO 9001 quality system; For this, we promote multidisciplinary and team work as the basis of our company policy.

One of the most powerful tools of GHM Consultores is the realization of studies under a multidisciplinary approach, since the joint action of our departments allows us to establish better approaches and satisfactory solutions to all our projects.